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Fava beans (Click to enlarge)
Fava Beans

Chinese broad beans (Click to enlarge)
Chinese Broad Bean

Broad beans are aka fava beans and a range of details are found here. We cover fava beans in general; where to buy etc, fava bean recipes to help spice up your dinner times, where to buy fava beans online & more beanie info.

Broad Bean

Broad beans in pods (Click to enlarge)
Broad Beans in Pods

This site is aimed at bringing you information about fava beans ranging from where to buy to recipes.

Fava beans were enjoyed by ancient Egyptians 5,000 years ago and 3,000 years later continued to be a prime source of protein in the Near East. The fava is a large, brown bean, these beans are often considered the tastiest bean around, along with being the meatiest bean.The favas grows in large pods that house approximately five beans each. They are popular in many parts of Europe and are beginning to gain a following in the United States.

Fava beans are sold fresh, dried, and canned. When you are out shopping for these tasty beans choose crisp looking pods and avoid damaged and wilted pods. When choosing to buy the dried fava beans then they should be shiny and smooth.

Fresh broad beans should keep fresh for up to a week if refrigerated, where as dried fava beans will keep for up to a year if stored in an airtight glass or ceramic container. Fava beans are sometimes available seasonally, while dried and canned favas can be found year round.

For more information refer to Natural Markets.

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Fava BeansFava Beans - Fava beans know as the broad bean are like peas that grow inside of a pod. Links, prices and pictures to buying yellow fava beans and fava bean flour.

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Salted Broad BeanSalted Beans - Information on two companies that export salted broad beans, other dried foods and more. Find links and information on the two companies Wasdon Food Co., Ltd. and Regent Food Products.

How to Cook Fava BeansHow to Cook Them - Learn how to cook fava beans by grilling them or saute them with butter and garlic. Find a detailed way how to saute your fava beans, making them extra tasty.

Fava Bean SupplimentFava Bean Suppliment - Information on the usage of fava bean suppliments with Parkinson's disease suffers. Also buy fava beans direct from Amazon, offering you international shipping.

Dried Fava BeansDried Beans - Buy dried fava beans from a number of places provided for you on this page. Why not make yourself a fava bean salad with fresh sage and lemon? Recipe provided for you.

Types of Fava BeansTypes of Fava Beans - There are many different types of fava beans. On this page you can find information and links where to buy some of these beans inside the USA. Also why not try the superb recipe that is displayed here.

Broad Beans Vegetarian RecipeBroad Beans Vegetarian Recipe - Learn how to make three very tasty broad beans vegetarian recipes. Learn how to make spaghetti and broad beans, broad bean soup and broad bean and mint soup.

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Fava beans have a tough skin that should be removed by blanching before cooking. Also prior to cooking, soak fava beans for 12 hours, then pressure cook for 25 minutes, or simmer on the stove for two to three hours. 1 cup of dried beans makes approximately 2 cups cooked beans. When preparing fava beans in stews or casseroles, allow for a longer cooking time than most beans need.

Broad beans are also called fava beans, particularly in the US.

Nutritional Highlights:
Fava beans (boiled), 1 cup (170g)
Calories: 187.
Protein: 12.9g.
Carbohydrate: 33.4g.
Total Fat: 0.68g.
Fiber: 9.2g.
Excellent source of: Folate (177mcg).
Good source of: Thiamine (0.165mg), and Zinc (1.77mg)

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